Anyone Remember That Nuclear Option?

Thanks to MIT for the image Well, they’re bringing it back, and in a big way. Democrats, who said the nuclear (read: reconciliation) option was “a naked power grab”, are trying to pass healthcare via a reconciliation vote; where they claim they only need 51 votes to pass it instead of 60 in the Senate as well as a majority in the house. There is plenty of arm twisting and bribing going on, and Obama delayed his trip to Indonesia to get some work done on passing healthcare reform; even if the majority of people do not want it. It goes along with a feeling that I (and apparently others) have been getting for years; if you’re the typical American citizen, your government doesn’t care about you, and just wants to gain control. Don’t be surprised to hear them claim they care about you during any election period; do your critical research and find your inner principles before casting your vote in the ballot box.

Since they don’t care about you, they will jam healthcare down your throat while they have the chance; because they know after November, there will be no chance at healthcare reform, even though Obama said jobs were the administration’s top priority. Anyone can see through his lies, as this administration is quite possibly the best one to get the reform work done. This is also the best administration for changing monetary policy, environmental policy, and national and global security.

So, what could be included in the Senate healthcare reform bill? You can read the whole bill here, but I’m assuming you don’t have a free month to roll through all that nonsense. As such, I will highlight the high points. For one, the head of the Stupak committee wants federally funded abortions in the bill. So, if you have a daughter, and if she made some less-than-desirable choices, there’s a chance that you’ll be footing her abortion bill (not directly, the government needs to be the middle man to redistribute the wealth). There is no need to ask if this guy is a proponent for population control. Another thing that’s already in the bill is the fact that major unions are exempt from the “Cadillac plan tax”. In other words, while the local businesses are penalized for offering better healthcare plans than the government, the UAW, USW (United SteelWorkers), and other big unions can push for these good healthcare plans and not get taxed. There is more in the bill, but I feel like writing more posts than reading this bill. I have a job to do as well.

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